A Typical day

Our routine is flexible depending on the children here, however we have a general routine and always keep meals and snack times at a particular time for continuity!

8:00 - First children start to arrive – free play altogether in the main room

8:30 -  Breakfast time altogether, see menu for choices!

9:00 – More free play, outdoor play, a short television programme, all depending on the numbers and ages of children here

9:30 – Morning session starts, babies and older children in their separate rooms for free play, group times, focused activities etc

10:45 – Snack time altogether

11:00 – Babies do mark making/ messy play, older children split into their age groups for Letters and Sounds, outdoor play and whole group activities

11:45 – Singing and Story

12:00 – Lunch time

1:00 – Afternoon session starts as AM session

3:00 – Snack Time

3:20 – Singing and Story

3:30 – Outdoor play and normally a walk, free play, maybe a short television programme before teatime

4:30 – Teatime

5:00 – More free play!