Daily Breakfast:

Cereal - Weetabix, Cheerios, Rice Crispy Mulitgrain Shapes, Porridge

Toast with butter, jam, marmalade or marmite

Apple or Orange Fruit Juice

Daily snacks:

Morning:      Apple and Breadstick

Afternoon:   Banana, dried apricot or raisins and a choice of homemade, ginger nut or rich tea biscuit


Lunch:         Sausage casserole with carrots, broccoli and pitta bread

Tea:             Beans on toast with grated cheese


Lunch:         Chicken korma and rice and poppadums

Tea:            Cheese on toast, ham, cucumber and sweetcorn


Lunch:         Pasta, cheese sauce, peas and bacon

Tea:            Sausage, mashed potato, beans and carrots


Lunch:         Pasta Bolognese

Tea:            Ham rolls, cheese, hard boiled eggs, cucumber


Lunch:         Cottage pie with peas and baked beans

Tea:            Sausages, homemade potato wedges, cauliflower, broccoli and sweetcorn

Puddings vary depending on what has been baked and availability – this includes flapjacks, cakes, fromage frais and fruit salad

Drinks throughout the day other than Breakfast, choice of Water, Robinsons Orange Squash or Whole Milk – in liaison with parental preferences.